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This won’t be written well and all of the pictures won’t be uniform in size, but fuck it, man.  It isn’t like you niggas care about quality shit anyway, so I’m going to just jump right to it…

1.) Soft Ass Paul Pierce Calling other Mutha Fuckas Soft

I know it seems weird to start this off with this nigga, but Paul Pierce has been one of the retired players during these Finals championing how soft this generation of the league is. See niggas, this is where shades of gray come into play. I believe generational gaps change quicker than ever before in today’s time, so I don’t believe THIS generation is soft. I believe that the prior one that contained the D. Wades, D. Howards, Kevin Durants, the Melo’s, Chris Paul’s and Lebrons are soft as shit, but the generation that contains the John Walls, Westbrooks, Boogie Cousins, Paul Georges, Kawhi Leonards, Steph Currys, Klay Thompsons and Kyrie Irvings are just fine.  Paul Pierce likes to hide within that “old school” generation to pretend as though all the bitching and moaning, weak ass flopping, fucking crying and being carried and wheelchair’d off the court with NO visible issues never happened.  No, bruh, you can’t call somebody soft simply because it wasn’t YOUR particular brand of “soft”…we’ll get more into that later…BTW, what happened to all of those “Die Hard Celtics Fans” anyway….

2.) Lebron STANS Stating That Golden State Being So Good is Bad for the League

I think somewhere along the way, the softness of the 2003-2007 class rubbed off on a lot of “fans”.  If LBJ had won three straight championships, none of you mutha fuckas would give a fuck about what’s “good for the league”.  You would just write it off as “The KAAAANNNGGGG does it again!”  And please don’t read that quote in a fly ass voice like Morgan Freeman or some shit, read that shit in a nigga voice like Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  That voice is the audible representation of how you niggas behave when it comes to all matters Lebron James.  The Golden State Warriors actually won a championship with three players who they DRAFTED to their team.  Hell, they should have won last year also if Adam Silver didn’t suspend Draymond Green and if Andrew Bogut didn’t get hurt which allowed for the Cavs to get some nuts and start attacking the basket for easy buckets.  What’s hilarious is that if Golden State wins last year, I don’t believe Durant, as soft as he is, goes to Golden State THIS year, so in reality, they should be going for a third straight title with three players that they DRAFTED.   I also find it soft how the non native Cleveland Cavs “fans” have basically given up after only two games…hold up, speaking of which!

3.) Fake Ass Cleveland Cavalier “Fans” Who Have Passively Given Up After Two Games

Before this series began, I said if Adam Silver doesn’t get involved, and if Durant has a little of that Draymond heart rub off on him that GS would sweep this series. It’s still too early for that to happen, but something that I will say that I find sad as shit is how you non native Cleveland fans have basically given up on “your team”. When I see statements like “Durant had to go to GS to beat us” when you haven’t said that all year, or statements like “They may have the better team, but my boy place in history is still solidified”, this screams of front runner’ism. Fuck is wrong with y’all, man? In 93, the Suns fell to James Worthy and the Lakers 0-2 in a best of 5 opening series. Paul Westphal said, paraphrasing, “We’re going to win games 3, 4 and 5 and then we’re going to look back and talk about what a great series it was”, and that’s what happened. Have some damn nuts and stop hiding when you lose. Come to the podium and talk that shit.

4.) Dumb Ass Niggas Like Paul Pierce Saying that Kevin Durant is Better Than Lebron James

When Cleveland was down last year 3-1, Fox Sports, more specifically Colin Cowherd, stated the Lebron James was on the down side of his career.  He stated that he had peaked and that we were never going to see the best of Lebron James ever again.  A week later, he began the “Lebron James is the best ever” campaign.  I’ll touch on the disingenuous nature of Fox Sports later in part 2, but how in the FUCK did Kevin Durant become the best player in the world in two games when he has essentially been the Dominique Wilkins of this generation!?  Lebron James, at anytime, could still lead the league in scoring.  If he wanted to, he could lead the league in assist.  Hell, if he banged more, he could lead the league in rebounding.  That’s how good this mutha fucka is, so how in the hell do you go from having discussions of LBJ being better than Michael Jordan five days ago into questioning if he’s even the best player in the league!?  Shit, he just had a triple double IN THESE Finals!   The issue is that most of you niggas are bandwagon and/or don’t really watch basketball.  You only watch the Finals, play NBA 2K and attach yourself to wherever the energy is flowing at the moment to define your own personal weak ass brand by.  Fuck, speaking of which…

5.) People Who Only Watch the Finals, Play NBA 2K and Attach Yourself to Wherever the Energy is Flowing at the Moment to Define your own Personal Weak ass Brand by

I grew up playing Sports Talk Baseball on the damn Sega Genesis.  Because of this, I knew all the player skill ratings.  I knew that Barry Bonds was damn near perfect in every measurable skill set.  I knew that all I had to do was bunt down the 3rd base line with Ozzie Smith or Ricky Henderson and I could run it out to 1st base.  I knew that I could steal bases with Ozzie or Ricky if a pitcher threw less than 90mph.  All of this fly ass shit worked in a video game, but my Pops is one of the biggest baseball fans in the world, and I would have to WATCH THE FUCKING GAMES TO KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HE WAS TALKING ABOUT.  I know to shut my damn mouth when talking about this shit.  When my homie Brian talks baseball, I listen to learn.  When my Pops talks baseball, I listen to learn.  I don’t just fucking pretend as though I know how the real life inner workings of a game operate.  You can’t turn off fatigue in a real ass game with real ass niggas, so saying shit like “Why they take Lebron out the game for!” doesn’t mean shit in a real conversation.  You can’t buy skill sets.  You can’t walk it up a court and shoot from 35 with Steph every rip in a real game.  You can’t play a real game and not have to actually run plays like you can on a damn video game, so either really watch this shit and learn or shut the fuck up.

6.) Pretending as though Durant’s Soft Ass Signing w/ Golden State Negates LBJ’s Soft Ass Signing w/ the Miami Heat

Yeah, I’ve seen the dumb ass meme where Lebron’s face is photoshopped in a Celtic jersey stating that he didn’t do “this” as though you leaving a 61 win team to join a team with two other Olympic gold medalist, which made that 61 win team into a 19 win team (because when you build a team around a player and he leaves, that tends to happen) and that made a 40 win team in the Toronto Raptors into a 22 win team when Chris Bosh left, you’ve essential made a weak conference an even weaker conference while stock piling arguably the best SG, SF and PF in the conference on the same fucking team.  Kevin Garnett, who had his worst season of his career since his rookie season (14pts and 7rbs per game), was named the starting PF of the Eastern Conference All Star team that year.  Bosh should have started (24pts 10rbs per game), but most casual fans didn’t know who Chris Bosh was until he signed with the Miami Heat, something that they will all vehemently deny now, so his votes weren’t there, but if they were, Lebron would have put 60% of the Eastern Conference All Star starting 5 on the same fucking team.  As I stated in the first segment of this article, “you can’t call somebody soft simply because it wasn’t YOUR particular brand of “soft”‘…

Part II coming soon ass fuck…don’t get comfortable Golden State “fans”, we’re going to have a conversation, soon…




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