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Open Video Message For RushCard Users from Ryan Mack YouTube

Ryan C. Mack is absolutely correct.  It’s imperative to wean yourself off of this card, and other similarly themed financial cash grabs disguised as safe havens for those saddled with poor credit. It’s predatory solicitation of those who may have suffered from unforeseen life circumstances and/or those who just simply make failed, resumptive spending decisions.

The bare bones of it all is that they make a dollar by charging you a fee to use your own money.  The enervation of your will to improve your financial literacy is the unspoken building block of their business model.  Simply put, the more uneducated you are to finance, the more money they make, and it’s a hell of a way to guarantee the “return customer”, which is what every business of any type covets.

I truly hate that there are Rush Card users aren’t able to access their money.  A lot of them are actually well versed, financially responsible individuals who just hit a snag in life and are working to better their situation.  Some have small children, elderly and disabled family members in their household, so missing a payment of any kind isn’t anything that should be trivialized.  I want to be sure that we aren’t minimizing the “now” of their situation, but that in addition, we’re speaking to the growth of collective fiscal consciousness.

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