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The expectations of T.I’s new album, Trouble Man: Heavy is the Head, was set very high by a lot of hip hop heads who wished this project would compare to Trap Musik or T.I.P Vs T.I. I’m sorry to disappoint you niggas, but this album is far from a classic.

I was looking for T.I.P the “hood nigga”, and I got T.I the “family man”. I’m not saying the album was total garbage. He gets a couple of brownie points for the cameos and for trying to get that “old thing” back after serving time for thinking he was above the law, but this album would have been a better fit for when he first stepped out the clink.

The nigga was to busy talking about that jail shit to realize he lost most of his fan base. To be blunt, nigga you have lost your spark, and you are on the verge of becoming a has-been who relies on reality TV as a come up. Either you go back to the mind set you had when you wrote “I’m Serious” when you had the hustle in your heart, or your ass is going to be in some real trouble!!!!!

Remember people this is my review, my god damn opinion, and this shit is not up for debate …..

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