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This dude will never get any play in my headphones….

To fully understand my hatred for this commercial, well just the “guy” or the “star” of this shitshow, watch below…

First off Gatorade I want to ask, what the fuck is these series of lame ass commercials with these off beat ass dude who sound like they are reciting a poem in 3rd grade? This particular muthafucka in this commercial just totally fucked up the rhyme scheme.

You guys couldn’t pick a better cat to do this commercial, I mean this nigga can dribble a little, but he is no Iverson.  Right now Tim Hardaway is is clawing out of his grave. Wait…. Tim Hardaway isn’t dead? Sorry Tim…

Sorry Tim
I mean it Tim, I’m Sorry….

But back to the commercial, this muthafucka is off beat ass well, worst than Sillk The Shocker in No Limit Soldiers Part 2…..

Forward to 3:24 to see what I’m talking about.

And at last, they picked this frail half dead baby bird looking dude to star in it.  I could knock this dude out with one punch, knuckle to temple. I can Debo uppercut this dude with my weak hand…… Evenflow DDT this dude….. He will never think about making another commercial again.


Bottom line, fuck this dude….

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The Shooters


And again Tim Hardaway I’m sorry…

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