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Boston Celtics v Los Angeles Lakers

Entertainment media outlets appeal to the lowest common denominator of mass media consumers. They target those who live vicariously through celebrities who have been anointed “special” in this particular paradigm that we’ve all seemingly collectively accepted, but here’s the twist; The majority of America is the lowest common denominator.

Cosmopolitan’s recent decision to place the Kardashian/Jenner women on the cover of their latest magazine issue with the tagline “America’s First Family” really was of little risk to the Cosmo brand. They simply placated to the avidity of dumb ass mutha fuckas across America because they knew at the end of the day, the vocal minority who disagreed with their decision would be the main catalyst to this month’s social media promotional cycle for the very magazine cover that they’re voicing their displeasure towards.

Relatively speaking, ethics and morals can be considered superannuated concepts in modern society if you don’t apply them to a sliding scale of definitive meaning. Whether or not you consider someone’s constitution ethically sound depends on the system or subsystem that they’re operating in at that very moment. In a matter of life or death, such as that with former professional basketball player Lamar Odom, to the majority, there is no sliding scale. There is no analog metric, it’s simply a 1 or a 0.

Scott Van Pelt’s take is about the collision of linear & non-linear thinking. It’s voicing a displeasure of a culture of entertainment media where they feel that the recent troubles of Lamar Odom is enough to validate the minimization of his life long accomplishments to a point of regulating him as a stock character, an extra of sorts, to the Kardashian clan of no talents.

Although I agree with every word from SVP, he’s speaking to a niche audience, and yes, comparatively speaking, sports is a niche audience compared to the broader world of entertainment. He’s sounding a Galton whistle, only audible to those of us who “get it” or care to “get it”. At the end of the day, his words ring true, but he is no different than the vocal minority who took to social media to voice their displeasure with Cosmo, and that is why when you Google “Kardashian”, the exact same search results will appear as if you Google “Odom”. It’s associative advertising at it’s finest. It’s why the Kardashians remain relevant and why the phrases “15 minutes” or “Half-Life” are inconsequential to their machine. In a twist of cruel irony, I will contribute to it when I push the “publish” button. Here goes, nothing….literally…

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