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Rob Parker

Robert Griffin III AKA RG3 AKA the most exciting player in football.
The boi has taking the nation’s capital by storm, giving hope to a Redskins fan base, a very proud fan base that hasn’t had a whole lot to cheer about in the last decade.

He’s a young, black, educated, well-spoken kid who just happens to be a bad man on that football field. He’s the kind of athlete who should be embraced by everybody, ESPECIALLY black people. With all the ignorant ass niggas on TV in sports and music, RG3 has been a breath of fresh air, but just like in everyday life, wherever you see a positive black man doing well you’ll find a crab ass nigga trying to pull him down.

It pissed me off to see Rob Parker on First Take this morning saying that RG3 was “Cornball Black” and not “Real Black”. Also saying that Griffin was not “Down for the cause”, whatever that means. That kid is going to have it hard enough being a black quarterback in the NFL. He doesn’t need a dumb ass nigga criticizing him, especially when he isn’t doing anything that warrants criticism. The boy is doing everything right, but you hate on him because he’s not nigga enough.

In conclusion fuck Rob Parker, and if you hate a young black man or woman who is doing great things, fuck you too…

-Bad News Dubb-

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